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Running.  In Nature.  On Trails.  Sacred Places.  Respect.  Care.  Intention.  Ecofriendly.

Matt Gunn of Ultra Adventures runs and cares…a lot.  So much so that all Ultra Adventure races (called The Grand Circle Trail Series)  are zero waste, with less than 1% of the trash produced at the event going to the landfill.

Ultra Adventures offers environmentally sustainable, destination trail races in one of the most stunning regions of the planet in an area called “The Grand Circle” – Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  These Zero Waste Ultra Races occur in some of the most iconic western red rock landscapes that take your breath away: Zion, Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley.  With their unique sandstone formations and world famous buttes and mesas, these places are mystical and, well, sacred.  Spiritual.  Hard to describe.

Ultra Adventures goes the extra mile to put on races that are environmentally and socially responsible and here’s how:

1. Recycle Everything – even non-recyclable trash gets boxed into bales which are used as sustainable building material.

2. Eco Commode Composting Toilets – Matt Gunn designed these composting toilets,  made of recycled materials, to recycle human waste for use as fertilizer for non-produce plants.  There is no portapotty chemical sludge being sent to wastewater treatment facilities.  All human waste collected is composted after the event, eventually becoming nutrient-rich soil amenity.  And each runner gets to do their part by adding a scoop of cover material (usually sawdust, but can also be shredded newspaper, ash, peat moss, coffee grounds, or another carbon source) to the toilet after each use.


3.  Solar Power – Even their aid stations run on solar power, as are the majority of their staging area energy needs.

4.  Organic Food – 80% of the food supplied at aid stations is organic.

5.  Support Local Businesses and Artisans – Each of their awards is hand-crafted by a local artisan and they  make an effort to purchase products from local sources whenever possible.

6.  Support Local Communities – They hire local community to help and provide donations to local groups that staff their aid stations.

7.  Socially Responsible Apparel – Race T-shirts are purchased from Caribbean Apparel, supporting meaningful wages and safe working conditions.

Ultra Adventures

Only one thing left to say:  Inspiring!


Photo Credits:  Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion National Park by Diliff via Wikimedia Commons; Eco Commode toilet courtesy of  The Grand Circle Trails website.





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